Story behind the image

The most asked question is what is it. Granted if your not a birder you  would never be specially looking for the species. Probably one of the most colorful species found in North America the Painted Bunting is found as a summer resident in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. During migration it can likely show up in other states but the ones I listed are the primary breeding areas. It can be found in areas that are brushy, fence rows and the edges of cultivated fields. In Texas I have observed them in several State parks in the hill country.


This particular image "Painted in the Morning:" was taken in central Louisiana . For several years I have located several pair on the same brushy area alongside a bayou and across from a cultivated field. This particular morning I had located two males singing in one area and were in constant movement from one perch to another trying to out do the other. The perch the bird was on was pure luck and after a lot of patience the bird stayed on it just long enough for me to capture the image. 

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